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Fitzgerald River National Park

Covering an area of 329,039 ha between the towns of Bremer Bay and Hopetoun, this spectacular national park managed by the Department of Environment and Conservation boasts diverse landscapes, protected beaches, rugged sea cliffs, steep ranges,  extensive plains and sheer river valleys ending in inlets all providing a variety of recreational opportunities based on natural settings.

The Fitzgerald River National Park protects magnificent scenery and is one of the most flora rich conservation areas in Western Australia.  So far, 1883 plant species have been identified, 75 of which are found nowhere else in the world.

The park is also home to a wide variety of animals including 22 mammal species, 41 reptile species and 12 frog species.  More than 200 bird species can be found including rare species such as the Ground Parrot, the Western Bristle Bird and the Western Whip Bird. Whale watching from the park's viewing platform at Cave Point provides a spectacular vantage point.

Popular activities include bush-walking trails, fishing, swimming, surfing, boating, canoeing, camping, mountain climbing, picnic / barbecue areas, photography, 4WDing, whale watching and wildflowers.  Park entry and camping fees apply. Roads may be closed after heavy rain.  Please contact a ranger to register for overnight walks. 

See our friendly staff at the Wavecrest Tourist Park office for more information or to purchase your National Park Pass.

For maps, directions and further information see the 'Explore the Region' section on this web page; or contact the local East Mt Barren, Department of Parks and Wildlife Ranger on phone: (08) 9838 3060.

Ravensthorpe Museum

A collection of historical records, memorabilia and photos from the region, and the oldest remaining home in Ravensthorpe, Dance Cottage built in 1901.  Located at the Ravensthorpe Museum, Morgans Street, Ravensthorpe.








Launching ramps are located at theHopetoun Groyne and on the Esplanade (beach launch located opposite Peter the Fisherman Catholic Church). For boat registration and ‘Goldfields to Esperance’ boating guides, contact the Department for Planning and Infrastructure, Esperance Office on Phone: 9071 6891.

Volunteer Sea Search and Rescue
Hopetoun VMR 604 - Phone: 9838 3207

Boating Weather Forecast
Phone: 1900 969 903 / Website: www.bom.gov.au

Pristine White Beaches

An endless coastline of unspoilt beaches are accessible by 2WD and 4WD vehicles for swimming, snorkelling, surfing, windsurfing, boating and fishing.  Care must be taken to avoid rips and dangerous reef areas.

Hopetoun Ravensthorpe Railway Heritage Walk Trails

Trails rich in natural beauty, plant diversity, geology and history include:

  • Hopetoun Trailhead Loop,  14km
  • Desmond to Ravensthorpe Trail, 16km
  • Desmond to Kundip Trail, 9km
  • Kundip to Lee Creek Trail, 13km
  • Kundip Figure of Eight Trail, 5km

For maps and information contact local visitor centres or view 'Explore the Region' on this web page.


Hopetoun and the Fitzgerald Coast is a world renowned destination for spectacular (and rare) wildflowers, particularly in wildflower season (Spring). The Ravensthorpe Wildflower Show is held annually in September. For details and photos, visit www.wildflowersravensthorpe.org.au  



A variety of fishing spots are available with the choice of reef, beach, estuary, river, boat or jetty fishing.  Local catch includes abalone, southern rock lobster, tuna, herring, salmon, shark, queen   snapper, nanygai and bream.

McCulloch Park & Hopetoun Foreshore

McCulloch Park recreation area is set on the original site of the Hopetoun Railway Station operating from 1909 to 1935 in Veal Street, Hopetoun.  The park includes a replica of the railway station, drinking water fountain, electric barbecue, picnic area and children’s playground equipment.  Across the road (beachside) is the new Hopetoun Town Beach foreshore area featuring shade stands, picnic areas, grass and open space, groyne and jetty for fishing, parking and public toilets. 

Explore the Region

Find out more about all there is to see and do in this spectacular part of Western Australia. 

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